Social dialogue capacity building in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey

Do, 19/01/2006
Fr, 20/01/2006

Workshop on social dialogue capacity building in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey, 19 - 20 January 2006

Background of the project

The Foundation in carrying out a project on Social dialogue capacity building for the new EU Member States and the candidate countries Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey. The project is run in conjunction with the Swedish Work Life Development Project.


The objective of the workshop is to help the new EU Member States and Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey in building social dialogue capacities for anticipating and managing change. This will take place by gathering social partners, government representatives, and academic researchers to investigate organisational, financial and skills capacities for social dialogue, discuss future challenges and produce foresights for strengthening capacities.

Note: A programme is available with links to the speakers' presentations.


Participating countries are Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. Invited participants are representing all employers’ central organisations, trade union central organisations and the governments. National experts are invited to present national papers and to make necessary amendments. A Croatian national expert is invited as an observer.

Participation is by invitation only.

Contact details

Information liaison officer: Marina Patriarka (+353 1 204 3115)

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