Quality jobs: from low wage to an innovation economy - Eurofound National Cluster Seminar

Mi, 02/03/2016
Do, 03/03/2016

This event, organised in collaboration with the Polish Employers’ organisation Lewiatan and hosted by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, will take place on 2-3 March 2016 in Warsaw. It will bring together public authorities, representatives of workers and employers, and NGOs from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. 

As Europe re-emerges from the crisis, what strategies are in place to best support a move to competitiveness based on innovation? How can employees be involved in promoting competitiveness in their workplace? And how can governments, social partners and NGOs work together to foster greater competitiveness? 

Participants will seek to answer these questions when they discuss the the topic of ‘Quality jobs: from low wage to an innovation economy’. 

Other topics for discussion on the agenda are as follows: 

  • what are the challenges these countries face in striving to grow competitiveness;
  • the transformation from the low-wage jobs that have traditionally been the cornerstone of the labour market to innovation economies;
  • what shape innovation may take in the future.

More information is available in the programme.

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The Cluster Seminars are an integral part of Eurofound’s national-level communication plan, facilitating debate and networking between the Agency and key stakeholders on topics of relevance to all parties. 

Venue Details
Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy ul. Nowogrodzka 1/3/5 00-513 Warsaw
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