3MC International Conference 2016

Mo, 25/07/2016
Fr, 29/07/2016

As part of an ongoing effort to promote quality in multi-population surveys and to raise the level of methodological expertise in various applied fields of comparative survey research, the Second International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts (3MC 2016) will be held July 25 - 29, 2016 in Chicago.


This conference will bring together researchers and survey practitioners concerned with survey methodology and practice in comparative contexts. It will provide a unique opportunity to discuss and present research that contributes to our understanding of survey needs and methods in multicultural, multinational, and multilingual contexts. Conference contributions will help document current best practices and stimulate new ideas for further research and development.

Eurofound contributions

Agnès Parent-Thirion, Senior programme manager, and Greet Vermeylen, Research manager, Working Conditions and Industrial Relations unit, will chair a session on Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Thursday, July 28th, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)

Tadas Leoncikas, Research manager, Living Conditions and Quality of Life unit, will chair a conference session on Data integration and combined analysis.

In addition, abstracts have been accepted on the following topics:

  • Research plan for a combined analysis of the EQLS and the EU-SILC (Irene Rioboo Leston, Eurofound - Tadas Leoncikas, Eurofound)
  • Applying statistical matching methods for a better measurement of work-life balance in Europe (Irene Rioboo Leston, Eurofound - Agnes Parent-Thirion, Eurofound - Mathijn Wilkens, Eurofound - Greet Vermeylen, Eurofound)
  • Combining face-to-face interview and web add-on data in the European Quality of Life Survey (Daphne Ahrendt, Eurofound - Eszter Sandor, Eurofound)
  • Set-up of the TRAPD model on the 4th European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS) (Daphne Ahrendt, Eurofound - Tadas Leoncikas, Eurofound)
  • Non-response analysis in the 6th European Working Conditions Survey (Aleksandra Wilczynska, Eurofound - Gijs van Houten, Eurofound - Mathijn Wilkens, Eurofound)
  • The application of a quality assurance strategy in the 6th European Working Conditions Survey: Experiences and reflections (Sally Widdop, Ipsos MORI - Gijs van Houten, Eurofound)
  • The European Working Conditions Survey Series over time: Lessons over time (Agnes Parent-Thirion, Eurofound - Greet Vermeylen, Eurofound)

For more information on the programme and speakers, visit the conference website.

Venue Details
The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago 909 North Michigan Avenue • Chicago • Illinois • 60611 • United States
United States
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