Promotion of raw material management

Phase: Anticipation
  • Access to finance
  • Transition to a climate-neutral economy
Zuletzt geändert: 17 November, 2020
Ursprünglicher Name:

Förderung des Rohstoffmanagements

Englischer Name:

Promotion of raw material management


The measure is available for all companies and other entrepreneurial organisations. Associations and denominational institutions can also submit applications.

Main characteristics

The project offers investments in innovative service concepts to increase material resource efficiency and to achieve immediate environmental effects through the use of products based on renewable raw materials. The goal of the programme is to significantly reduce raw material consumption while maintaining productivity in the course of existing production processes and maintaining the quality and functionality of products. 

Some concrete areas of investment are:

  • Optimisation of production processes (for example reduction of waste);
  • Reduction of material losses through improved quality or uniform quality;
  • Optimised construction and resource-saving design (for example ecodesign);
  • Improved material recycling.

For project above €35,000, the programme offers funding support equal to 30% of project's cost. The maximum level of support amounts to €500,000. Applicants may receive an additional 5% for the development of a new production process based on the EU Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EG). Furthermore, EMAS certified companies may also get an additional 5% funding on top of their basic aid (maximum €10,000). The use of surcharges is possible up to the maximum de minimis aid law limit.

Examples of eligible investments are projects in machinery, manufacturing equipment and production facilities. 

The programme is part of the Austrian strategy RESET2020 - Resource.Efficiency.Technologies.

The project is listed and managed by Kommunalkredit Public Consulting. The body promotes a wide range of additional environmental support instruments that are aimed at sustainability, innovation and efficient use of resources.


  • National funds
  • European funds

Involved actors

National government
The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism.
Kommunalkredit Public Consulting


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