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Croatia: Definition of collective dismissal

Phase: Management
Definition of collective dismissal
Zuletzt geändert: 17 June, 2021
Ursprünglicher Name:

Zakon o radu 93/2014, 127/17, 98/19

Englischer Name:

Labour Act 93/2014, 127/17, 98/19


Article 120, 127, 140


Collective redundancies is the case whereby the employer dismisses at least 20 employees (within 90 days), out of whom at least five employees are to be dismissed due to business reasons. The remainder can be dismissed on various other grounds. 


This definition is applicable to companies employing at least 20 employees, which means that companies employing fewer than 20 employees can dismiss all of them for various reasons within 90 days. The threshold is the same for the constitution of a works council in the company, pursuant to article 140. In general, an employer can terminate employment contracts within the legally prescribed termination period if they can justify the reasons to do so. Justifiable reasons include not being able to assign an alternative job to employees within the same company or provide training to employees for another job within the same company.

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