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Sweden: Time off for job search

Phase: Management
Time off for job search
Zuletzt geändert: 10 December, 2021
Ursprünglicher Name:

Lag (1982:80) om Anställningsskydd

Englischer Name:

Employment protection act (1982:80)




Any employee who has received notice of termination is entitled, during the period of notice, to reasonable leave of absence from the employment with full employment benefits in order to visit an employment agency or otherwise to seek work. There are no specific rules quantifying what a reasonable leave is.


In practice, the time off is meant to be used for job interviews or activities/meeting with the Public Employment Service. The time off cannot be used for looking for other jobs or writing applications.

The ongoing reform process of the Employment protection act will not affect the right to take time off for job seeking activities.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
National goverment only
No, applicable in all circumstances
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