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Department of labour relations

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Ursprünglicher Name:

Τμήμα Εργασιακών Σχέσεων

Englischer Name:

Department of labour relations


Covers all economic activities of the private sector, as well as activities of state-owned enteprises and organisations. The services of the department can be requested jointly or separately by employers and employees, independetly of the size of the enterprise.  

Main characteristics

The principal mission of the department of labour relations is to safeguard industrial peace and ensure the preservation of healthy and balanced industrial relations structures. Within its mission, the department undertakes mediation tasks in the event of industrial disputes, including redundancies if the involved parties failed to reach an agreement. In this respect the department may:

  • facilitate the conclusion of an agreement leading to reduced redundancies as initially pursued by the employer;
  • facilitate the conclusion of additional redundancy compensation to affected employees (over and above the provisions of the Termination of Employment Law for redundancy compensations payable by the redundancy fund).


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance.
Employer or employee organisations
Social dialogue can be facilitated by the department.


The department of labour relations is annually mediating hundreds of industrial disputes. In 2018, for example, the department was called to mediate 211 disputes affecting 25,927 employees, while in 2017, 150 disputes involving workers and employees. However, the department does not produce detailed and diversified statistics of the disputes, whether actually disputes concerned are redundancies or other industrial relations issues (e.g. renewal of collective agreements).


A positive outcome of the mediation by the department of labour relations results in further payments to redundant employees, other than those payable by the redundancy fund. Further payments are negotiated to be paid by the employer. The involvement of the department may also lead to a reduction of the number of redundancies or in few cases even to the avoidance of redundancies.


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