Croatia: New report highlights need for more gender equality

Findings from the report of the Gender Equality Ombudsman for 2013–2013 show that much work still needs to be done to change public perceptions on the issue. Almost half of all cases brought before the Ombudsman relate to gender equality in employment.

On 15 September 2015, Gender Equality Ombudsman Višnja Ljubičić presented the Evaluation Report on the Activities of the Gender Equality Ombudsman covering the period 2003 to 2013: Evaluacijskog izvješća o radu Pravobraniteljice za ravnopravnost spolova od 2003.-2013. The Report was prepared by Mirjana Adamović, Anja Gvozdanović, Ana Maskalan and Dunja Potočnik from the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. Its findings show that gender equality in Croatia is still treated as a marginalised issue and sexism was often encountered in jokes. While the report shows that Croatia has a good legislative framework and there are national mechanisms in place to ensure gender equality, much still has to be done to change public perceptions regarding gender equality. According to the report, the Gender Equality Ombudsman's Office tackled a total of 13,838 cases, and 148 independent analyses have been conducted (40% in the last three years). The office has also formulated its proposals and suggestions regarding 499 laws and regulations and cooperated with 371 civil society organisations. Of all cases addressed by the Gender Equality Ombudsman, nearly half related to gender inequality in employment (48.3%), with domestic violence accounting for 20.4%, media for 11% and political participation for 7.7%.

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