Czech Republic: Workplace mobbing increases for women

A recent survey on mobbing in the workplace finds that mobbing affects nearly a quarter of Czech employees and is higher among women than men. 

In August 2015, market and public opinion research agency STEM/MARK carried out a survey on mobbing in the workplace (in Czech). The survey sample consists of 589 respondents representing the Czech working population aged over 15 years. The survey revealed that mobbing affects nearly one in four employees in the Czech Republic.

The problem of mobbing was perceived to the same extent across all age and educational groups. However, there was a significant difference according to gender. Women reported personal experience of mobbing significantly more often than men (27% compared to 19%). The most common forms of mobbing described were demands to carry out meaningless work tasks and tasks that do not match the qualifications or competencies of an employee, ridiculing and gossiping. About 60% of people targeted by mobbing were bullied or intimidated by their boss and 25% reported their colleagues as the instigators. Mobbing by colleagues and superiors was reported in 15% of cases. More than one third (37%) of respondents who had been targets of mobbing did not try to address the situation. 

Comparing the results with a similar survey carried out in 2013 by STEM/MARK shows that workplace mobbing is on the rise, particularly for women.

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