EWCTS 2021  - Questionnaire

A high-quality questionnaire is a key element of a successful survey: therefore, Eurofound invests heavily in development and translation. Each time the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) is run, the questionnaire is revised with the support of experts and policy actors, and the guidance of Eurofound’s stakeholders.

For the EWCTS 2021 extraordinary edition, the approach was slightly different; although the questionnaire was based on the interrupted EWCS 2020 face-to-face survey, due to the mode change to telephone interviewing the questionnaire had to be adapted to this new approach. As for previous surveys, the new questionnaire addresses emerging challenges and policy issues of interest in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gender mainstreaming as always was a guiding principle in preparing the questionnaire.

The EWCTS 2021 extraordinary edition aims to capture workers' concrete experiences and covers the following topics:

  • Employee and self-employed at work, new entrants
  • Workers by lifestages
  • Work (as an activity) characteristics: place of work, (direct) customer work, ICT use, number of contractual working hours
  • Job quality: physical and social environment, job tasks, organisational characteristics, work time arrangements, job prospects and intrinsic aspects
  • Forms of work organisation, the collective determinants of work, employee representation, social climate
  • Hybrid work
  • Work family conflicts
  • Time use and work life balance
  • The experience of gender segregation
  • Health and safety at risk
  • Predictable earnings and making ends meet
  • Well-being at work, engagement at work and burnout.

Language versions used in each country are available.

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