Acronym used to refer to the Labour Force Employment Organization (Οργανισμοζ Απασχολησηζ Εργατικου Δυναμικου), a government agency responsible for the administration of an active employment policy in Greece. It was originally founded in 1954 and assumed its present form in 1969. Its functions and responsibilities include the vocational guidance, education and training of the labour force, improvement of the balance between supply and demand, technical apprenticeship (onthe-job training) for young workers, assistance for enterprises that operate on a seasonal basis, unemployment benefits, payment of the allowance for employees conscripted for military service and supplementary pregnancy and maternity allowances. The OAED is funded mainly from employers' and employees' contributions. Over the past few years it has developed major activities in the form of vocational guidance programmes, re-training schemes for the unemployed and vocational training programmes which are funded in part by specialized European Community Funds (see employment policy ).

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