Acronym used to refer to the Greek General Confederation of Labour (Γενικη Συνομοσπονδια Εργατων Ελλαδοζ), the leading employees' organization. Founded in 1918, it is essentially the one union confederation of note in Greece, represents employees at national level, acts in their name in dealings with the government and negotiates the annual National General Collective Agreement. in the past few years the GSEE, whose members are the second level trade union organizations (union federations and Labour Centres), has represented all the different ideological factions of the trade union movement in reunited form and its representation has therefore become more meaningful. Its governing bodies are a Panhellenic Congress, which is its sovereign body composed of representatives of the second-level trade union organizations, a General Council, an Executive Council and an Audit Committee. Although as a rule the GSEE has been dominated by the political tendency of the government of the day, in the past few years it has been maintaining a new-found independence (see political factions in trade unionism , trade union organizations , union officials ).

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