Name used to refer to a special list, compiled by the Regional Labour Office (see Labour Office ) and approved by the Regional Employment Commission , on which workers are registered who have been dismissed for reasons of workforce reduction (see collective dismissal/redundancy ). For workers who have been dismissed from enterprises eligible for special intervention from the Wages Guarantee Fund , registration on the list confers entitlement to an availability allowance (indennità di mobilità ) for a period that varies according to their age. In addition, Law 223/1991 stipulates that every employer who is taking on new employees must reserve a 12 per cent. quota of the hirings for workers registered on this list (see public employment service ). In conjunction with the benefits connected with registration, the Law imposes a number of obligations on registered workers: in particular, to accept any offer of employment where the work is occupationally equivalent to that done previously, to attend vocational training courses authorized by the Region and to do any socially useful work proposed to them. If they refuse to fulfil these obligations their name is removed from the list.

Law No. 236/1993 also extended registration on the availability list to workers who have been dismissed from enterprises with fewer than 15 employees for a justifiable reason connected with the reduction or change of activity or work. These workers are not entitled to the availability allowance, but enjoy all the other benefits associated with registration (reserved quota for hirings, vocational training provision, etc.).

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