Name specifically given in Austria to the sub-structures within the Economic Chamber of Austria which at national level cover a particular subsector of activity within one of the six sectoral Bundessektionen (federal sections) that exist for: small-scale craft production (Gewerbe); manufacturing industry; commerce; finance, banking and insurance; transport and communications; and tourism. For traditional reasons, these federal sectoral subunits are called Bundesinnungen in the case of small-scale craft production and Bundesgremien in the case of commerce.

At individual Land level this federal structure is mirrored in a system of structures incorporating, within each Land-level Chamber, six sectoral Land-level sections (Landessektionen) subdivided into Land-level sectoral subunits (Landesfachorganisationen) of two types: either a Land-level sectoral subunit (Fachgruppe) resembling those at federal level in terms of its responsibilities and structure (and likewise with a special name, Landesinnung and Landesgremium, in the same two cases); or, if the subsector of activity concerned is not of sufficient economic importance in a particular Land and the financing of such a local sectoral subunit cannot be ensured, a local sub-sectoral representative body (Fachvertretung) set up by the relevant federal sectoral subunit in thereby assuming responsibility for representing the interests of that subsector of activity in the Land in question. These bodies, unlike the autonomous Land-level sectoral subunits, are therefore non-autonomous elements of the federal subunit.

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