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Enterprises operate not only in the labour market but also in other markets such as their buying and selling markets and, as in the labour market, likewise develop specific interests in these “product markets”. Labour market and product market interests are not always represented by the same business association (Unternehmerverband). In some countries (e.g. Germany) the associational system is differentiated functionally, with separate organizations existing side by side: trade associations which specialize in product market interests and employers' organizations which concentrate exclusively on organizing their members' labour market interests. In Austria, most employers' organizations function simultaneously as trade associations. At cross-sector level, the two major business associations (Economic Chamber of Austria, i.e. WKÖ, and Federation of Austrian Industry, i.e. VÖI), which form part of the system of social partnership, each combine the functions of both an employers' organization and a trade association.

Please note: the European industrial relations glossaries were compiled between 1991 and 2003 and are not updated. For current material see the European industrial relations dictionary.
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