The Spanish Association of the Digital Economy (Adigital) is the business association that promotes the digitalisation of the Spanish economy.

Adigital promotes the development of the digital economy through representing and defending the interests of associates, distributing, researching and creating synergies, as well as by strenghtening trust in the digital environment. The association's main aim is to contribute to Spain's digital economic and social development by facilitating the digital transformation of businesses. Recognising the importance of digitalisation for economic growth, job creation and for building more cohesive and sustainable societies, Adigital supports collaboration in key sectors through associations and business collectives that work collaboratively and with greater autonomy within the framework of the association.

In October 2020, Adigital presented an analysis of the economic impact of a potential employment of the self-employed delivery riders who collaborate with digital platforms in Spain. The study suggests that 23,000 riders could lose their source of income due to the disappearance of the service and Spanish restaurants would lose more than €250 million in revenue. The results of this report highlight the need to find a solution that allows combining the flexibility offered by platforms with greater protection for the self-employed who operate through them.

The association also drafted a 'manifest for intelligent, innovative and quality work'. In this document, Adigital summarises its views about the employment forms it manages. It also expresses Adigital's desire to collaborate with the government in dealing with the problems generated by the platform economy.

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