Agreement to collaborate between FNV and Temper

In 2018 in the Netherlands, the platform Temper, which matches demand and supply for staff in hotels, restaurants and cafés, approached the hospitality division of the largest Dutch union FNV (Federation National Unions, FNV-Horeca). This division of FNV and the platform have signed a ‘cooperation pact’ as a pilot scheme that will last one year to provide (legally self-employed) Temper workers with training, pensions and insurance. The cooperation between Temper and FNV-Horeca was broadened later in 2018 after a positive experience in the first months, adding further elements such as the removal of a software fee that Temper workers had to pay, and improved training offerings ( more information available in Dutch ).

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  • Initiative
  • Provision of insurance and social protection, Training
  • Netherlands
  • Employee organisation, Platform
  • Yes
  • no specific sector focus
  • representation, industrial relations, social dialogue, social protection
  • Dutch
  • 2021
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