UGT - Manifesto of Intentions - Ride-hailing platforms

In September 2018, the Workers General Union (Unión General de Trabajadores, UGT) signed a manifesto with ride-hailing platform companies (VTC) such as Cabify, a platform operating in Spain and in 10 other countries. Negotiations on the agreement were launched after drivers had contacted UGT and informed it of their work situation. The agreement aimed at ensuring safety and adequate working conditions for all drivers and pushing all platforms, including Uber, to join. The agreement was proof of shared intentions, but it did not set any concrete actions. However, it provided the opportunity to start an ongoing dialogue. A collective agreement negotiation table was set up with the aim of regulating working conditions in the future.

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  • Negotiation of working conditions, Organising and representing workers
  • Spain
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  • Cabify, Uber
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  • 2021
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