Platform economy and industrial relations: digitisation between the imagined future and the empirical present (Plattformoekonomie und Arbeitsbeziehungen: Digitalisierung zwischen imaginierter Zukunft und empirischer Gegenwart)

As a result of digitisation, industrial relationships are undergoing fundamental change. This is particularly the case in the field of platform-mediated services and especially digitally coordinated and controlled courier work. As a new industry, no structures have been established to guide the relationship between labor and capital. This makes disputes at the level of micropolitics particularly important. The article analyzes these micropolitical conflicts between riders and platforms in the central playing fields: space, environment, information and communication.

Kirchner et al. (2020), Plattformökonomie und Arbeitsbeziehungen: Digitalisierung zwischen imaginierter Zukunft und empirischer Gegenwart, Industrielle Beziehungen 2-2020, The German Journal of Industrial Relations.


  • Research publication
  • Yes
  • autonomy, flexibility and control, employment status, representation, industrial relations, social dialogue, social protection
  • German
  • The German Journal of Industrial Relations
  • Qualitative research
  • 2020
  • Subscription
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