Care homes for older Europeans

Τρί, 28/11/2017
Τρί, 28/11/2017

The event ‘Care homes for older Europeans’ is organised by Eurofound and will take place on Tuesday 28 November 2017 in Europe House, Dublin, Ireland.

The half-day event will bring together up to 50 policy makers, academics, practitioners and representatives from national authorities and European institutions, as well as journalists. The purpose of this event is to launch the fresh research findings on the provision of services in care homes for older people and the extent to which private providers are expanding and/or replacing public sector in the delivery of services in a Europe where people are living longer and the need for affordable high quality care to support Europe’s increasing population.

This forthcoming report examines the for-profit and non-profit services in the public and private sectors, how they differ in the services they provide, the experience of staff and problems faced by the number of staff/bed ratio to service users. As a result of rising costs, the pressure on family members to provide preventive care in the home has escalated. The report highlights a dilemma facing many private providers: whether to cut costs by decreasing the quality of service or increase prices and lose competitiveness.

Publication:  Care homes for older Europeans: Public, private and not-for-profit providers

Programme: Care homes for older Europeans

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Europe House, 12-14 Lower Mount Street
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