2016 WorldPensionSummit – Eurofound workshop on Creating flexible retirement schemes: Facing global ageing and extending working lives

Τετ, 09/11/2016
Πέμ, 10/11/2016

In the framework of the 2016 WorldPensionSummit taking place on 9-10 November in The Hague, Netherlands, Eurofound is organising a workshop on the theme of Flexible retirement schemes.


Societies across the world are ageing, with challenges for sustainable adequate pension systems. Governments and pension funds have largely responded by postponing pension ages and by discouraging early retirement. For some groups this has effectively resulted in extended working lives. Other groups are unable to work until the (extended) retirement age. Flexible retirement schemes take this heterogeneity into account. They facilitate people to adjust retirement paths to their specific situations.

Eurofound workshop

In this workshop, Robert Anderson, Head of Living Conditions and Quality of Life unit, and Hans Dubois, Research manager, will have the opportunity to present the recent Eurofound report on Extending working lives through flexible retirement schemes, and further discuss challenges ahead with the audience and a panel of experts from the OECD, the ILO and the Geneva Association.

Read more on the workshop taking place on 9 November (15:30 - 16:30)

Programme of the 2016 WorldPensionSummit


Venue Details
Louwman Museum
The Hague
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