Developments in working life in Europe - Q4 2018

What has taken place during the 4th quarter of 2018 in the industrial relations and working conditions landscape in European countries? Look no further – get up-to-date information as reported by our Network of Eurofound Correspondents who, on a quarterly basis keep us abreast of the latest developments in those fields of observation. What industrial actions took place in Cyprus, France and Portugal? What collective agreements have been signed in Estonia? What was the outcome of the conflict over the dismissal law in Finland? How is Croatia tackling labour evasion? Be informed at a glance about the following issues: – Minimum wages in six Member States – Latest reforms on working time issues – Efforts made by three Member States to reduce inequalities – Survey results on pay and workplace trends in Ireland – The mixed reactions on Brexit. Read these updates and more in the following areas:

Actors and institutions

Collective bargaining

Industrial action

Individual employment relations

Labour market – Employment

Pay and income

Statutory minimum wages:

Public sector - pay increases:

Social dialogue

Social protection and reforms


Working time and work-life balance



Working environment

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