Uber advice and training

Uber has introduced ‘Earnings advice sessions’, in order to help its drivers to get advice from the platform and from other drivers on how to maximise time and earnings through driving. 

In 2017, Uber announced it would introduce ‘Earnings advice sessions’ where drivers would be able to get advice from the platform and from other drivers on how to maximise time and earnings through driving. This was particularly targeted at drivers making less than the hourly average, who would receive invitations to join.

Also in 2017, Uber cooperated with the online education platform Futurelearn to provide drivers who had completed more than 500 trips with Uber the option to complete a free course, for which Uber would pay the Certificate of Achievement. Additionally, for 12 months Uber offers drivers free access to the English language learning app, Busuu, to improve English language skills.

In the UK, Uber drivers and couriers can access online courses for free with OpenClassroom , which is an online training platform, ranging from management to business development and professional leadership.

In France, Uber has an ongoing programme called Campus VTC to offer partner drivers skills improvement opportunities including language training (through Uber’s partnership with Babbel , an online language training plaftform) or courses on accounting, job application, time management, presentation skills etc..

In the United States, Uber has a partnership with the Arizona State University (ASU), through which drivers earn credit which can lead to an online undergraduate degree or certificates in entrepreneurship or English language, either for themselves or for a member of their family.


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