Examining sharing economy systems – development of a provider taxonomy

The rising phenomenon of accessing rather than owning resources – known as the sharing economy – entails huge market potential. Despite its tremendous ascent in the past years, empirical research on characterizing sharing systems is scarce. The aim of the underlying paper therefore is to scrutinize and categorize resource transactions within those sharing systems and the corresponding roles suppliers of such services play. By systematically analyzing 1016 sharing economy providers, a taxonomy is developed that helps distinguishing between different business models within the sharing economy. The results reveal five distinct systems and nine forms of transactions that can be found in this emerging consumption mode. Short case studies illustrate their mechanisms and help at further disentangling their diverse and varying aims and scope. The study contributes to theory development by disentangling and increasing knowledge on the subject and adds insights on the landscape of sharing systems important for emerging and established businesses.

Kathan, W. (2015), 'Examining sharing economy systems – development of a provider taxonomy', Academy of Management Proceedings, 1.


  • Research publication
  • Other
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  • no specific sector focus
  • worker demographics, motivation for platform work
  • English
  • Academy of Management Proceedings (Publisher)
  • Quantitative research
  • 2015
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