Want to improve crowdwork? Regulate it.

This article argues for the establishing of a minimum wage and social security payments for crowd workers and wonders why the same monitoring tools that are being used by platforms to evaluate the workers, cannot at the same time be used to ensure compliance with minimum wage, or to reduce ineffiencies for workers, such as waiting time. Further, the authors suggest that unless platforms are regulated, they will not offer better working conditions and will additionally impact working conditions beyond online work.


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Want to improve crowdwork? Regulate it.
Berg, J. and De Stefano, V. (2016), ‘Want to improve crowdwork? Regulate it’, Global Labour Column, 240.


  • Research publication
  • EU28
  • Yes
  • professional services
  • Online client-determined specialist work, Online moderately skilled click work
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk, CrowdFlower, Upwork
  • autonomy and control, rating, representation, industrial relations, social dialogue
  • English
  • Global Labour Column (Publisher)
  • Qualitative research
  • 2016
  • Open access
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