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Eurofound’s Governing Board sets the priorities for 2019

Eurofound’s work programme for 2019 was approved by its Governing Board at the 92nd meeting in Dublin on Friday 16 November. Next year is the third year of the four-year programming period, and the Agency will focus on producing policy-relevant research, data, findings and analysis in the areas of working conditions and sustainable work, industrial relations and social partner representativeness, quality of life and access to public services, convergence, the digital age, and the future of manufacturing. The final 2019 programming document will be published in December 2018.

During the meeting, a number of new members were welcomed, and four members who were retiring were thanked for their contribution to the Governing Board over the years. These were Herman Fonck (Belgium), Roland Waeyaert (Belgium), Marcelino Pena Costa (Portugal) and Antal Csuport (Hungary).

Also during the meeting, Aviana Bulgarelli, representing the Governments Group, was elected new chair of the Governing Board.

In the context of the revision of the Founding Regulation of Eurofound and the Cross-Agency Evaluation of three EU agencies active in the social field - Cedefop, EU OSHA and ETF – the members of the Governing Board were briefed by a representative from the Austrian EU Presidency. The revised Foundation Regulation retains the tripartite nature of Eurofound’s management, work and operations, and it puts an explicit focus on policy relevant research by re-enforcing that EU institutions should take into consideration Eurofound’s expertise in a timely manner before relevant policy decisions are made.

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