New forms of employment emerge in Europe

The nature of work is changing: new forms of employment are emerging across Europe, driven by technological change, competitive pressures and the desire for more flexibility on the part of both employers and workers. These new forms often transform the traditional one-to-one relationship between employer and employee and frequently involve unconventional work patterns and places of work, or the irregular provision of work.

A new report from Eurofound identifies the emergence or expansion of nine forms of employment over the last 15 years, including ICT-based mobile work, portfolio work (doing small indivdiual jobs for a large number of clients) and interim management, bringing external management skills into an organisation on a temporary basis. The report concludes that for the most part they make the labour market more attractive and boost innovation in it. However, a greater acceptance of more casual forms – which may be linked to lower income and limited social protection – poses the risk of labour market segmentation. Download the report New forms of employment.

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