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  • 13 Noviembre 2018
    In recent years, the EU has put increasing emphasis on the promotion of social cohesion as a central element for the improvement of quality of life for its citizens. But is this EU goal hitting a home-run with EU citizens, or is the reality closer to a strike out?
  • 02 Noviembre 2018
    The equal treatment of women and men has been a fundamental principle of the European Union since its inception, but women in Europe still earn on average 16.2% less than men. Tomorrow, Saturday 3 November, marks the moment in the year when women symbolically stop getting paid compared to their male colleagues.
  • 01 Noviembre 2018
    Apprenticeships are long established in manufacturing and are attractive for both employers and young people because of the balance between theoretical and practical education that they offer. However, in several countries in Europe and beyond, apprenticeships are lagging behind changes in manufacturing, and the potential of quality apprenticeships for both industry and the labour market are not being fully capitalised on.
  • 10 Octubre 2018
    Today is World Mental Health Day, a yearly event held by the World Health Organization with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilising efforts in support of mental health.
  • 09 Octubre 2018
    Feelings of insecurity across several dimensions are widespread in the EU, even among those who are materially well-off. Only 1% of the EU population enjoys the highest level of security in the combined areas of personal security and security in housing, healthcare, employment and old-age income.
  • 02 Octubre 2018
    Management is still mostly a man's game. The limited presence of women in management roles in European workplaces, despite years of gender equality policy, illustrates the magnitude of the challenge in achieving gender equality at work and highlights the need for more concerted effort and comprehensive long-term strategies to drive change.
  • 26 Septiembre 2018
    Today is European Day of Languages, a yearly event that celebrates the linguistic diversity of a continent with over 200 European languages, 24 official EU languages, around 60 regional or minority languages, and many more spoken by people from other parts of the world.
  • 25 Septiembre 2018
    Platform work, understood as the matching of the supply of and demand for paid work through an online platform, is still relatively small in scale but is developing rapidly in the EU and becoming increasingly important for the digital economy.
  • 25 Septiembre 2018
    The effects of burnout can be severe - but just two countries in the EU recognise burnout as an occupational disease. Eurofound's new report on burnout in the workplace looks at the extent to which burnout is experienced in Europe.
  • 24 Septiembre 2018
    This graph presents the various factors that impact an individual’s trust in institutions. It shows that the biggest positive factor is the perceived quality of public services, education also plays a strong role with higher levels of education resulting in higher levels of trust. The biggest negative factor on trust in institutions is the level of perceived societal tensions.