EurWORK European Observatory of Working Life

Case studies

Eurofound has investigated issues related to working life through a number of case study projects. The following are relevant to the work of EurWORK.

  • Attractive workplace for all (102 cases) Date: 2006-2007
    These cases are examples of 'win-win situations', showing that it is possible to combine quality of work and employment with economic performance. They deal with key dimensions of the Lisbon strategy such as employability, increasing the labour market participation of underrepresented groups and people at risk of exclusion, pay, flexibility, and business creation and entrepreneurship.
  • Ageing workforce (200 cases) Date: 2005-2007
    The retention of older workers in employment is an important objective not only of labour market policies but also for social protection budgets. The Foundation has gathered and analysed cases of good practice in age management, designed to improve job opportunities and working conditions for older workers. Each case study describes how the organisation approached the issue and what the results were in the medium to long term.
  • Workers with care responsibilities - Date: 2009-2010
    This database highlights some 50 company initiatives that support workers with dependent-care responsibilities in 11 European Member States.