Work organisation and innovation: Case study: Radiometer, Denmark

Radiometer is a multinational company that produces medico-technical products and services for hospitals. The company’s vision is to build a team and a reputation for Radiometer’s products and services that result in extraordinary loyalty from associates, customers and, not least, shareholders. The innovation described in this case study – the introduction of the DBS/Lean strategy – is critical to achieving these business goals. The Danaher Business System (DBS) is based on the principles and tools developed within the Lean system and philosophy. DBS tools are 80% Lean. The underpinning principles of the Lean system are to eliminate waste in all its aspects, including waste materials, time wasted, too much stock or inventory, wasted efforts, etc., and to produce up to an agreed quality and productivity level defined by the management at minimum cost. Minimum cost means maximising the use of limited resources (staff, time, space, materials, and money).
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