ERM Quarterly - Quarter 3, October 2015

Economic anxiety has resurfaced during the summer months and threatens to undermine the emergent European recovery. All of the things that should be helping to boost growth – ECB quantitative easing, the weak euro, low interest rates, cheap oil – appear to be having limited effect in the face of a slowdown in developing economies.

This issue includes: Macroeconomic trends and prospects; Job creation and job loss at a glance (01/07/15 - 30/09/15); Sectoral distribution of job losses/job gains, and top five cases; Restructuring support measure in focus: Public and social partner-based instruments to facilitate networking; Case in focus: 25,000 new teaching positions in Italy; Case in focus: Refugee crisis creates 100 new jobs at the Swedish Migration Board; Restructuring approaches in focus: Restructurings involving management ‘delayering’.

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