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  • 06 Oktoober 2011 | Annual report

    Meil on hea meel esitleda oma teist iga-aastast aastaraamatut Euroopa elu- ja töötingimuste kohta 2010. aastal ehk lühiülevaadet Eurofoundi 2010. aastal esitatud poliitilise suunitlusega teadusuuringutest. Kuigi me ei tutvusta aastaraamatus kogu eelmise aasta jooksul tehtud tööd, antakse siin edasi mõne meie põhilise uuringusuuna peamised järeldused, täpsemalt ettevõtjate äritavasid, töötingimusi ja elukvaliteeti käsitleva kolme üleeuroopalise uuringu tulemused ja analüüs.

  • 17 Juuli 2011 | Annual report

    This is the annual activity report of the Authorising Officer for the year 2010. The report describes Eurofound's activities, particularly its research and information and communication programmes, in relation to the objectives set in the Work Programme 2010.

  • 23 November 2010 | Annual report

    In the face of recession, falling demand and the consequent slowing of production, short-time working and temporary layoff schemes have been extended (or introduced) in many Member States. These schemes, often with the aid of public funds, reduce working time, while protecting workers’ incomes and company solvency; frequently, the time spent not working is used for training instead. This report examines the practice of reduced working time across Europe, and looks in detail at how it is implemented in 10 Member States, with a view to determining the contribution that such schemes can make in implementing the common principles of flexicurity, especially in light of the broad-based consensus they enjoy among the social partners.

  • 07 Juuli 2010 | Annual report

    Selle aastaraamatu eesmärk on välja tuua Eurofoundi põhijäreldused 2009. aastal. Arvestades igal aastal tehtava töö ulatust, suudab Eurofoundi nelja-aastase tööprogrammi „Parem töö, parem elu” esimese osana avaldatav „Aastaraamat 2009” anda edasi ainult osalise ülevaate Eurofoundi uuringute tulemustest. Nagu näitab kiirpilk aastaraamatule, keskendusid Eurofoundi uuringud fondi erinevates erialateadmiste valdkondades majanduslanguse mõjule. Veelgi enam, Eurofoundi perioodilised kestevuuringud tõestasid oma väärtust, tuues välja muutused, mis majanduslangus algusjärgust kuni tänaseni on kaasa toonud.

  • 27 Juuni 2010 | Annual report

    This is the annual activity report of the Authorising Officer for the year 2009. The impact of the recession dominated Eurofound’s research across its various areas of expertise: working conditions, industrial relations, living conditions and anticipation and management of industrial change.

  • 22 November 2009 | Annual report

    Over the course of 2008 and 2009, the world economy experienced one of the most serious recessions in modern times. In July 2009, 22 million men and women were unemployed throughout Europe, five million more than a year previously. Moreover, the situation may well still have further to play out: experience of previous recessions suggests that the full effect of the downturn upon employment has yet to materialise. Eurofound’s analysis of restructuring and job loss over the past year is collated and reviewed in this, the fourth annual report of the European Restructuring Monitor. Analysing the effects of the recession upon employment, it also looks in detail how particular sectors, countries and occupations have been affected, and examines a range of responses that have been taken to safeguard employment - at the company, Member State and European level.

  • 16 November 2009 | Annual report

    This year’s annual review of industrial relations developments in the European Union, Japan and the US, as well as in the emerging economies of Brazil and China, is set against the background of the global financial and economic crisis that developed in the summer of 2008. As recession has hit countries worldwide, weakening labour markets and causing unemployment to rise, governments have issued stimulus packages to combat the crisis. This report explores the impact of the crisis on developments in industrial relations in the EU, Brazil, China, Japan and the US over the period 2008–2009. It charts the similarities and trends, as well as the differences in structure and developments between these five major economies, followed by an outline of priority issues for the social partners and a range of measures that could improve the global economic outlook.

  • 21 September 2009 | Annual report

    Quality of work and employment is a major policy issue in the European Union. This sixth annual review of working conditions in the EU outlines relevant legislative and policy developments during the period 2008–2009 in the context of labour market mobility and demographic change. It also explores a range of issues and challenges related to working life and the workplace.

  • 20 August 2009 | Annual report

    A key element of European policy is the emphasis on boosting employment and maximising its quality – creating ‘more and better jobs’ – with a view to shaping a competitive, knowledge-based economy. Over the period 1995 - 2006, considerable growth in employment took place in most European countries. This report seeks to determine if those jobs created were also of better quality. It analyses the level of employment growth across the wage spectrum in each Member State by sector, occupation, type of contract, and gender.

  • 13 August 2009 | Annual report

    This publication contains the annexes to Eurofound's annual report for 2008, including details of budget, governance, staff, events and publications during that year.