Unite and Toilet Dignity Campaign in UK

Toilet Dignity campaign is a campaign organised by Unite, a UK and Irish trade union aiming at protecting workers’ rights in the workplace. The campaign aims to ensure that transport drivers in UK, including food delivery couriers working through digital platforms, who have long been denied their access to toilets and washing facilities, will have the right to use these facilities at work.

In November 2017, the campaign helped food delivery couriers have access to toilets of commercial customers (not the toilets of private householders) and hygiene facilities.

In June 2020, Unite has demanded takeaways and major fast food chains to allow food delivery riders to use their toilets especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when public toilets have all been closed. The campaign was supported by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Department for Transport. A joint open letter has been issued to remind businesses with delivery services that it is their legal responsibility to provide visiting delivery drivers with access to toilets and hygiene facilities.

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