Wolt Workers Group

The Wolt Workers Group (WWG) is a Copenhagen-based worker organisation that consists of a group of Wolt riders who are campaigning for better working and pay conditions and offering general advice to Wolt riders across Scandinavia, with the support of the Danish trade union 3F. WWG has successfully negotiated with Wolt to introduce a pay rise and offer riders accident insurance from 2020. More information of 3F can be found here

In July 2020, WWG created a petition with over 240 signatures, stating that Wolt riders were experiencing what they deem unequal conditions in comparison to the average workers in Denmark. The petition demanded Wolt to provide its riders with fair treatment. WWG also expressed their concerns about Wolt’s inadequate protection for Wolt riders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In February 2021, WWG, together with 3F, supported Wolt riders’ protest in Copenhagen and is working to get Wolt to sign an agreement. The protest was against Wolt’s recent change in payment model which has lowered the minimum pay for short deliveries from DKK 45 (€6.05) to DKK 35 (€4.71), and abolished the weekend bonus that riders can earn when they have delivered 20 orders.

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