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5th International conference on employer engagement in education and training

N, 05/07/2018
R, 06/07/2018

Eurofound will be taking part in the 5th International conference on employer engagement in education and training - Social mobility, industrial and skills strategies, post-Brexit: What role can employer engagement and technical education play?

Robert Anderson will chair the plenary session on Breaking down barriers: Increasing opportunities for social mobility. He will be joined by Martin Sandbu of Financial Times, Louise Ashley from Royal Holloway and Helen Brand, CEO of ACCA. 

The session will provide a platform to discuss evidence on social mobility and policies which support upward mobility focusing on the role of education (including early education) and access to and progression within the labour market. The sessions will consider why lack of mobility and generational inequalities are of concern and what policies can improve equal opportunities and social mobility. 

The event will bring together leading researchers, practitioners and policy makers from around the world to present recent research and discuss employer engagement in education, policy development and delivery and provide a platform to influence governments’ commitment to innovative policy and leadership in the field. 

This two day event focusses on employer engagement in education and training and how it relates to the Government’s plans for social mobility improvement, the implementation of its industrial strategy and improving the flow of skills into the labour market post Brexit.

Venue Details
BEIS Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Street, Westminster, London SW1E 5ND
United Kingdom
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