2018 Work Research Conference - Future of Work

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Tue, 04/12/2018
Wed, 05/12/2018

The 2018 Work Research Conference is set to focus on the impact of technical innovations and the relationship between the economic and social influence of new technologies. The aim is to strike up a joint and direct dialogue with a professional audience and to facilitate a universal exchange of information. Other points of focus on both conference days include the working cultures of the future, designing the digital world of work, innovation through new work processes, value-creation networks and human-machine interaction for collaboration in the new digital environment.

As part of the conference, The Virtual World Tour is a 24-hour virtual tour of the world through different time zones. The tour will feature a total of twelve different contributions from leading academic institutes based all around the globe and streamed live to the conference venue.

Eurofound will contribute to the Virtual World Tour, with a workshop managed by Donald Storrie, Eurofound’s Chief Researcher; Barbara Gerstenberger, Head of Working Life unit; and Irene Mandl, Head of Employment unit.

Eurofound workshop - The future of work and digitalisation, Tuesday 4 December, 14:00 – 16:00 (Irish Standard Time)

  • The future of manufacturing and game changing technologies
    Discussion on Eurofound’s research findings on the impact of game changing technologies on production and employment in the manufacturing sector in Europe up to 2025, such technologies include advanced industrial robotics; industrial internet of things; additive manufacturing; electric vehicles and industrial biotechnology. The discussion will look at the consequences of the adoption of these new technological possibilities in the production process, the working conditions of those employed on the process and on employment demands at company level.
  • New forms of employment and platform work
    Discussion on Eurofound’s research and findings on platform work as a form of employment that uses an online platform to match the supply and demand for paid labour. The types of work offered through these platforms are ever-increasing, as are the challenges for existing regulatory frameworks. Eurofound’s work explores the working and employment conditions of three of the most common types of platform work in Europe. It looks into workers’ employment status, the formal relationships between clients, workers and platforms, and the organisation and representation of workers and platforms.

Virtual World Tour: Arbeitswelten der Zukunft

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