Working conditions and sustainable work

A modern agenda for work–life balance

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Tue, 16/10/2018
Tue, 16/10/2018

Research from Eurofound indicates that in some countries work–life balance is declining. Women still do the lion’s share of unpaid work but there are labour market shortages.

Against this background, Europe is redoubling its efforts to increase the number of women in the labour market. Increasingly, work and care is being considered in the perspective of the whole working life course.

This event will examine the challenges as well as the different tools and practices that can foster greater reconciliation of work and private life, such as better working conditions, flexible work arrangements, availability of quality care services, and measures to help reduce the gender pay gap.

It will also be an opportunity to discuss how to make both legal and non-legal measures a reality on the ground in the context of the upcoming European Union Directive on work–life balance.

Draft programme: A modern agenda for work– life balance [updated 20 September 2018]

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Rue de la Science 14, 1040 Brussels
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