Berta Mizsei – Unit C: Social policies

For someone with research skills interested in the EU, a Eurofound traineeship is a pretty good paid opportunity. Trainees work alongside competent researchers and will find a community of peers in the other trainees.

Eurofound is an EU research agency and working here undoubtedly familiarises one with a slew of EU-specific terminology and data.

It’s essential to have quantitative or qualitative research knowledge to contribute meaningfully. I got to learn about new topics like convergence and environmental indicators and really was part of the research process.

The Social Policies Unit has researchers with a large variety of nationalities, research interests and backgrounds. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and teleworking, there’s been less chatting and meeting colleagues informally than there would be otherwise - however, trainees still stick together and socialise often. There are also internal seminars where colleagues present their latest research findings!

Finally, Dublin is expensive, it’s tough finding accommodation, but for the length of a traineeship it’s fine.

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