Vuoden 2020 viestintäkalenteri

New projects will be introduced and the research questions of ongoing projects may be revised in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Date Type Otsikko
10 tammikuu 2020 Publication Programming document 2017–2020: Work programme 2020
15 tammikuu 2020 Blogi Fears and hopes around future minimum wages
16 tammikuu 2020 Publication Telework and ICT-based mobile work: Flexible working in the digital age
20 tammikuu 2020 Publication Working conditionsImproving the monitoring of posted workers in the EU
22 tammikuu 2020 Publication Game-changing technologies: Transforming production and employment in Europe
27 tammikuu 2020 Publication What makes capital cities the best places to live?
28 tammikuu 2020 Tapahtumat Eurofound presentation to the EP Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
28 tammikuu 2020 Tapahtumat Joint event: The changing environment of the self-employed
28 tammikuu 2020 Blogi The pandora’s box of the platform economy
30 tammikuu 2020 Tapahtumat EU Presidency of Croatia conference on Gender Equality: Participation of women on the labour market – Benefit for society!
21 helmikuu 2020 Blogi Europe’s low-carbon transition makes economic sense
02 maaliskuu 2020 Blogi Why 2020 is the right time for real progress on gender equality
02 maaliskuu 2020 Publication Gender equality at work
03 maaliskuu 2020 Publication Priorities for a new Europe
05 maaliskuu 2020 Tapahtumat Ideas Lab 2020: Europe's next stage
12 maaliskuu 2020 Publication Addressing household over-indebtedness
19 maaliskuu 2020 Tapahtumat POSTPONED - Platform work – opportunities and challenges
24 maaliskuu 2020 Blogi A blog post from Eurofound’s Executive Director on the Coronavirus crisis
26 maaliskuu 2020 Tapahtumat CANCELLED - Informal EU Employment Committee (EMCO) meeting
31 maaliskuu 2020 Blogi COVID-19 intensifies emotional demands on healthcare workers
01 huhtikuu 2020 Blogi What Europe can learn from living-wage campaigns
02 huhtikuu 2020 Publication Impact of digitalisation on social services
02 huhtikuu 2020 Blogi Coronavirus: A labour market earthquake
03 huhtikuu 2020 Publication Public servicesOut-of-school care: Provision and public policy
06 huhtikuu 2020 Blogi Technology is our ally against the Coronavirus
16 huhtikuu 2020 Publication Labour market change: Trends and policy approaches towards flexibilisation
21 huhtikuu 2020 Blogi Economic downturns expose the vulnerability of a growing number of precarious workers
23 huhtikuu 2020 Blogi Now is the time for the digital transformation of social services
27 huhtikuu 2020 Tapahtumat CANCELLED - Informal Employment and Social Affairs Council (EPSCO) meeting of EU Employment and Social Policy Ministers
05 toukokuu 2020 Blogi Can short-time working save jobs during the COVID-19 crisis?
06 toukokuu 2020 Publication Living, working and COVID-19: First findings – April 2020
07 toukokuu 2020 Tapahtumat European Parliament discussion with Eurofound and EU-OSHA: Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
11 toukokuu 2020 Blogi All aboard: Hauling undeclared workers onto the pandemic rescue boats
12 toukokuu 2020 Blogi Trust tensions highlight need for Europe to ensure a coordinated response to COVID-19
18 toukokuu 2020 Blogi Is history repeating itself? The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on youth
19 toukokuu 2020 Tapahtumat EU Employment Committee (EMCO) Indicators Group meeting (virtual)
28 toukokuu 2020 Tapahtumat EYE Online - Eurofound panel debate: Being young during the COVID-19 crisis - Impact on work, life and well-being
03 kesäkuu 2020 Blogi COVID-19 fallout takes a higher toll on women, economically and domestically
04 kesäkuu 2020 Publication Minimum wages in 2020: Annual review
08 kesäkuu 2020 Publication Living and working in Europe 2019
09 kesäkuu 2020 Publication Involvement of national social partners in policymaking – 2019
09 kesäkuu 2020 Blogi COVID-19 unleashed the potential for telework – How are workers coping?
10 kesäkuu 2020 Tapahtumat Webinar: #AskTheExpert - The impact of COVID-19 for people living and working in Europe: How can policymakers respond?
16 kesäkuu 2020 Publication Social dialogueSocial dialogue and HR practices in European global companies
22 kesäkuu 2020 Publication Privilege or necessity? The working lives of people with multiple jobs
24 kesäkuu 2020 Publication COVID-19: Policy responses across Europe
25 kesäkuu 2020 Tapahtumat Watch the webinar: How COVID-19 affects Europeans and the EU labour market
25 kesäkuu 2020 Publication Consolidated annual activity report 2019
25 kesäkuu 2020 Blogi Racial discrimination is not a thing of the past in the EU
02 heinäkuu 2020 Publication Regulations to address work–life balance in digital flexible working arrangements
06 heinäkuu 2020 Publication How does employee involvement in decision-making benefit organisations?
07 heinäkuu 2020 Blogi Minimum wages in 2020: Will COVID-19 derail the quest for fair pay?
15 heinäkuu 2020 Publication At your service: Working conditions of interactive service workers
22 heinäkuu 2020 Tapahtumat EU Open Data Explained - Webinar on Living, Working and COVID-19
04 elokuu 2020 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Paper sector
10 elokuu 2020 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Sea fisheries sector
17 elokuu 2020 Blogi How to use the surge in teleworking as a real chance to include people with disabilities
20 elokuu 2020 Tapahtumat Eurofound, Cedefop and IZA online conference on workplace and management practices
31 elokuu 2020 Publication Role of social partners in tackling discrimination at work
10 syyskuu 2020 Publication Capacity building for effective social dialogue in the European Union
16 syyskuu 2020 Tapahtumat EU Presidency conference: Our social Europe – Strong together
21 syyskuu 2020 Publication Back to the future: Policy pointers from platform work scenarios
28 syyskuu 2020 Publication Living, working and COVID-19
30 syyskuu 2020 Publication Upward convergence in the EU: Definition, measurement and trends
07 lokakuu 2020 Blogi Tentative growth in trust shows COVID-19 has not yet torn the social fabric of Europe
08 lokakuu 2020 Publication Access to care services: Early childhood education and care, healthcare and long-term care
12 lokakuu 2020 Tapahtumat State of Europe 2020: the festival of politics and ideas to transform Europe
13 lokakuu 2020 Publication European Company Survey 2019 - Workplace practices unlocking employee potential
13 lokakuu 2020 Tapahtumat Watch the webinar: 'Workplace practices unlocking employee potential'
15 lokakuu 2020 Tapahtumat Watch the webinar 'Have your say: the future of the European Pillar of Social Rights'
15 lokakuu 2020 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Education sector
20 lokakuu 2020 Tapahtumat Watch the webinar - #AskTheExpert: the European Company Survey 2019 findings on employee involvement
21 lokakuu 2020 Tapahtumat Beyondwork2020 – European conference on labour research
23 lokakuu 2020 Tapahtumat Watch the webinar - Being young in the COVID-19 pandemic
23 lokakuu 2020 Blogi Youth in a time of COVID
29 lokakuu 2020 Tapahtumat #AskTheExpert: the European Company Survey 2019 findings on skills
marraskuu 2020 Publication Working conditions in sectors
marraskuu 2020 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Human health sector
marraskuu 2020 Publication ERM report 2020: Restructuring across borders
marraskuu 2020 Publication Industrial relations: Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Local and regional administration sector
joulukuu 2020 Publication Long-term care workforce: Employment and working conditions
joulukuu 2020 Publication Upward convergence in material living conditions in times of crisis
joulukuu 2020 Publication New forms of employment: 2020 update
joulukuu 2020 Publication Employee monitoring and surveillance: The challenges of digitalisation
joulukuu 2020 Publication Working conditions and sustainable work – An analysis using the job quality framework
joulukuu 2020 Publication Trends in industrial relations
helmikuu 2021 Publication Intergenerational transmission of disadvantage: Role of household finances
maaliskuu 2021 Publication Role of national social partners in the European Semester 2020
maaliskuu 2021 Publication COVID-19: Some implications for employment and working life
huhtikuu 2021 Publication Workplace practices in export-oriented establishments
huhtikuu 2021 Publication Involvement of national social partners in social and economic reforms
huhtikuu 2021 Publication Social situation of NEETs: 10 years on?
huhtikuu 2021 Publication Disability and labour market integration: Policy directions and support in the EU Member States
toukokuu 2021 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Social services sector ('Overlap' study)
toukokuu 2021 Publication Fairness and the future: perceptions and realities
kesäkuu 2021 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Civil aviation (flight crew)
kesäkuu 2021 Publication When social partner organisations go digital
kesäkuu 2021 Publication Tackling labour shortages in EU Member States
kesäkuu 2021 Publication National debates on transition to a low-carbon economy
kesäkuu 2021 Publication The changing nature of work in the digitised workplace
heinäkuu 2021 Publication Challenges and prospects in the EU: Work and employment in the digital age
heinäkuu 2021 Publication European Working Conditions Survey 2020: Overview report
heinäkuu 2021 Publication Fostering innovation in European companies: Role of workplace practices
elokuu 2021 Publication Challenges and prospects in the EU: Monitoring trends in convergence
syyskuu 2021 Publication Skills shortages and mismatches in European establishments
syyskuu 2021 Publication Inequalities between regions: Trends in convergence
lokakuu 2021 Publication Measures of living conditions: Monitoring convergence across the EU
lokakuu 2021 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Live performance
marraskuu 2021 Publication European Jobs Monitor - Gender and age
maaliskuu 2022 Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Civil aviation sector (groundcrew and air traffic control crew)