Rider Union Reggio Emilia

The Rider Union Reggio Emilia was established on 24 March 2021, with an aim of improving food delivery riders’ working conditions in Reggio Emilia. Riders are exposed to serious business, health and safety risks. According to the riders, they have to use their own vehicles during work and bear the cost of maintenance of their equipment, cannot enjoy sick pay or holidays and are not covered by social or accident insurance.

About 50 riders joined the union on the first day of its establishment and joined the strike organised by Rider xi diritti on 26 March on behalf of Glovo, Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber eats as in other 20 Italian cities. In addition to riders, the strike has also been trying to involve consumers, inviting them not to use any food delivery services through digital platforms on the strike day.

The union has also requested a dialogue with the Municipality of Reggio for concrete actions to improve riders’ working conditions, including a specific request to provide riders with places to take a rest, eat and use toilets. Riders are usually not allowed to use toilets in the restaurants, and public toilets are usually closed during night, when riders are still working. The union wants to achieve an agreement which is similar to the ‘Charter of Rights’ signed in Bologna (see more information here).

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