Sharing economy in Finland 2016 - Current situation and growth prospects (Jakamistalous Suomessa 2016 Nykytila ja kasvunäkymät)

PwC has been commissioned by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy to determine the current state of the sharing economy in Finland. The aim of the survey is to provide an overview of the actors in the sharing economy, the size of the market and the growth prospects of the sector. The sharing economy refers to a phenomenon whereby individuals or other actors, such as microenterprises or small businesses, divide the underlying resource (eg product, service, time, or know-how) through a digital platform. The subject of the survey was mainly limited to peer-to-peer (peer-to-peer, P2P). The survey identified 37 regional platforms operating in Finland, which could be divided into five main business sectors: 1) accommodation and facilities, 2) peer traffic and car sharing, 3) household and small crafts, 4) professional services, and 5) crowdfunding.

PwC (2017), Jakamistalous Suomessa 2016 Nykytila ja kasvunäkymät (Sharing economy in Finland 2016 - Current situation and growth prospects), Finland.


  • Research publication
  • Finland
  • Yes
  • accommodation, finance, household tasks, professional services, transport
  • platform characteristics and business model
  • Finnish
  • PWC (Research institute)
  • Qualitative research
  • 2017
  • Open access
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