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Eurofound’s platform economy database provides information on publications, articles, court cases, initiatives and other outputs related to platform work, or those forms of work that are organised and mediated through online platforms (websites and apps). This resource provides metadata for each entry, such as the name of the author, year of publication, whether it concerns an open access or subscription-based material, a brief description of the content and where available a web link to a source from which eligible users may access content.

Research carried out prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31 January 2020, and published subsequently, may include data relating to the 28 EU Member States. Following this date, research only takes into account the 27 EU Member States (EU28 minus the UK), unless specified otherwise.

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In order to keep the rights of workers to minimum wage and social protection, the independent contractor rule, adopted in January by the Trump administration has been withdrawn. Instead, the Labour department proned the status of...

Since the end of March 2021, 120 delivery people have been recruited by Just Eat as part of the arrival of the meal delivery company in Toulouse. 480 other people will be recruited.

US secretary of Labour wants platform workers for Uber and Lyft to get the employee status, as those platforms have fallen on the New York Stock Excchange.

Home food delivery workers strike for the second time in Rennes to denounce precarious working conditions. They demand better pay per ride. Similar demonstrations take place in France, such as the recent one in Toulouse.

Survey shows that a third of retirees do not use digital tools that could improve their purchasing power.

Every months, Uber Eats and Deliveroo delete sublet fraudulent accounts used by platforms hiring illegal migrant workers.

Interview with Jérôme Giusti, lawer specialised in digital law. To protect the Uber drivers and food deliverers, he exposes his project on the creation of a cooperative that would bring together delivery drivers in order to offer them...

This article related to the plan to have elections of trade union representatives for the sector of VTC drivers and for the delivery platform workers.

Uber drivers got banned by disconnection from the app overnight. They denounced the it as unfair dissmissal and were told by Uber that they cannot appeal. The company specifies that it may restrict access to the app “without particular...

The company Just Eat is recruting nearly 120 bicycle delivery men on permanent contracts in Toulouse. This is a major step in the sector to regularise the situation of delivery workers, who up to now were self-employed.