Successful transitions to training and employment

14 October 2014, Bonn, Germany


The project 'Transitions - Successful transitions to training and employment' implemented by Finland, France and Luxembourg, focused on disadvantaged young people during their periods of transition and their social and professional integration. Over three years, experts in the field of transitions had an intensive multilateral exchange on various key issues. Bilateral German programmes on transitions issues with Turkey and Japan were developed in parallel.


This international expert seminar aims to open a multilateral dialogue on transitions to interested countries. Good approaches during transitions will be discussed with a wider perspective integrating good practice from Turkey and Japan. The following topics are on the agenda:

  • Share good practice and insights identified during transitions
  • Exchange on good practice at European and international level
  • Discuss challenges of successful transitions of disadvantaged young people to training and employment
  • Identify approaches to successful social and professional integration from an international perspective

Eurofound contribution

Anna Ludwinek, Research Manager, Living condtions and quality of life, will make a keynote speech on European perspective on transitions to training and employment focusing on the target group of NEETs/disadvantaged young people.

A programme is available.


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