Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey – Round 5 results

Initial results from round 5 of Eurofound’s unique Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey, published in July, will be followed by a final joint factsheet in December 2022 in collaboration with the European Training Foundation (ETF). The survey, first launched in early 2020, aims to capture the wide-ranging impact of the pandemic on the work and lives of EU citizens over the past two years. It also sheds light on a new uncertain reality caused by the war in Ukraine, record high inflation and sharp rises in the cost of living. The joint factsheet will present a selection of results from the fifth round of the e-survey in the EU27 and 10 ETF pilot countries.


  • 24 October 2022 - 28m 55s - This episode of Eurofound Talks looks at care: care for children, care for older people, care for those who are frail or with disabilities, access to care, the quality of care, and the working conditions of care workers. Mary McCaughey speaks with Senior Research Manager Hans Dubois about how care policy has received more attention post-pandemic in the context of the European Commission’s new European Care Strategy on quality, affordable and accessible care services across the EU, as well as the European Parliament’s resolution Towards a common European action on care. They also discuss the impact of care on related areas such as gender equality, Europe's long-term economic development, and ensuring greater social cohesion.




Eurofound toteuttaa kolme Euroopan laajuista kyselytutkimusta edistääkseen parempien elin- ja työolojen suunnittelua ja aikaansaamista. Tutkimuksista saa ainutlaatuista vertailevaa tietoa elin ja työoloista koko EU:n alueelta. Virasto käynnisti huhtikuussa 2020 sähköisen Eläminen, työskentely ja covid-19 -tutkimuksen, ja se on tähän mennessä toteuttanut useita tutkimuskierroksia.

Eurofoundin seurantakeskukset

Eurofoundilla on kaksi seurantakeskusta, joiden työ pohjautuu laajasti Eurofoundin eurooppalaisten kirjeenvaihtajien verkostoon, sekä myös muuta tutkimustoimintaa.