Foodora employees found works council in Austria (Foodora-Mitarbeiter gründen in Österreich Betriebsrat)

12 April 2017 (Vienna) - In March 2017, Foodora bike couriers elected a works council in Vienna, which aims to negotiate an agreement with the Foodora management concerning better working conditions, particularly during the winter period. Demands include a guarantee of the mileage allowance (10 to 15% of overall pay), insurance for bicycles and the smartphones in case of damage or theft. Furthermore, the works council will negotiate for more transparency in tracking of its couriers and its implementation of disciplinary measures. In 2017, Foodora had about 300 couriers in Vienna, of which about 200 were self-employed freelancers.

Der Standard (2017), 'Foodora workers found works council in Austria (Foodora-Mitarbeiter gründen in Österreich Betriebsrat)', 12 April.


  • Foodora
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • Austria
  • 2017
  • Article
  • representation, industrial relations, social dialogue
  • German
  • Der Standard (Publisher)
  • Open access
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