Regulation of the sector of chauffeur-driven cars and taxis (La régulation du secteur des voitures de transport avec chauffeur et des taxis)

Public passenger transport (T3P) includes taxis, chauffeur-driven cars and motor-taxis. In the wake of technological, organizational and legislative developments, this sector has been profoundly disrupted over the last ten years. The result is a set of questions about the economic and social model of this sector. 
The joint report submitted to the ministers by the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs and the General Council of the Environment and Sustainable Development thus presents an analysis of the sector and makes recommendations aimed notably at improving working conditions, economic sustainability the activity of the drivers and the regulation of the reservation centers, as well as the management of the urban space and the protection of the environment.

Amar, N. et. al. (2018). La régulation du secteur des voitures de transport avec chauffeur et des taxis. Rapport Tome 1. Inspection Générale des Affaires Sociales


  • On-location client-determined moderately skilled work
  • France
  • 2018
  • Other
  • legal issues
  • French
  • Inspection Générale des Affaires Sociales (Government)
  • Open access
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