Belgium: Time off for job search

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Time off for job search
Dernière modification: 18 June, 2021
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Loi sur le contrat de travail du 3 juillet 1978/Wet betreffende de arbeidsovereenkomsten (3 Juli 1978)

Nom anglais:

Law on Employment Contracts of 3 July 1978


41, 64, 85 and 115


Following the harmonisation of both blue-collar and white-collar status (in 2014), all workers are allowed to be absent once or twice a week (for a maximum number of hours corresponding to the hours usually worked in one day) during the notice period in order to look for a new job. In this case, the workers are entitled to their salary for the unworked period.

The general rule sets that workers may be absent half a day per week during the notice period. The permitted period of absence is extended to one day or two half days per week in some cases:

  • During the last 26 weeks of the notice period if the duration thereof exceeds 26 weeks;
  • Throughout the period of notice if it is less than or equal to 26 weeks; and
  • During the whole notice period for workers in an outplacement scheme.


For part-time workers, the right to be absent for job search is granted in proportion to the number of hours worked.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
National goverment only
No, applicable in all circumstances
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