EMCC European Monitoring Centre on Change

Case studies

Eurofound has investigated issues related to labour market and business restructuring through a number of case study projects. The following are relevant to the work of EMCC.

  • Greening of industries in the EU
    These 48 company case studies are examples of good practice in the anticipation and management of green change in 10 sectors. Analysis focuses on how to strengthen competitiveness and increase both the quantity and quality of jobs while protecting the environment. Collaborative approaches involving the social partners, public authorities, education and training providers, non-government organisations and other actors are of particular interest. It is hoped that these cases will provide useful insights and ideas to other companies in similar sectors.
  • Restructuring in SMEs
    These 85 case studies illustrate drivers for and processes applied if small and medium-sized companies manage change. Analysis also focus on the outcomes for the company and the affected workforce as well as on external support needs.
  • Effects of restructuring at regional level and approaches to dealing with the consequences
    These five case studies show the effects of large-scale restructuring events on the regional economy and labour market. Furthermore, regional multistakeholder approaches to cope with the effects of restructuring are analysed.
  • Age management policies in the recession
    These 18 case studies are examples of the development of age management practices during the recession by illustrating whether and how companies which had established such instruments before the crisis changed their strategies during the downturn.