Hungary: Company incentives to deploy electric vehicles

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Company incentives to deploy electric vehicles
Last modified: 10 December, 2021
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18/2020. (VI. 4.) OGY határozat "az éghajlatváltozásból eredő nem halasztott feladatokról"

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18/2020 (VI. 4) Parliament resolution on 'non-deferred tasks arising from climate change'


The whole resolution


The resolution on ‘non-deferred tasks arising from climate change’ approves the governmental climate and nature protection plan and related energy policy strategies. The purpose of this plan and related energy strategies is to adapt to climate change, improve energy efficiency and decrease the carbon emission in electricity production.

Strategic measures to achieve the goals include to encourage the deployment of solar capacity, enhance low carbon electricity production, increase the number electric buses and promote the uptake of electric vehicles. A fund of €92 million is to be granted to support small and medium enterprises to switch to energy production from using renewable sources.




Notes on government support for electric motoring

In connection with electric cars, there is no registration tax, performance tax or company car tax. In addition, no fees are payable when the electric car is sold or when ownership is transferred. The most visible incentive to instantly help detect an electric car is the distinctive green number plate: vehicles with it can park free of charge in more and more cities and also drive into areas closed to traffic. On 21 September 2020, the Minister of Health announced that the government would use money to support the purchase of pure electric vehicles. Within the framework of the announced tender, HUF 2 billion was allocated for 2020 and HUF 3 billion for 2021 for the purchase of electric passenger cars and vans. The amount of the grant is an equivalent of 21% of the gross selling price at the time of purchase, but it can be up to HUF 1.5 million.

Further subsidies related not only to vehicles, but also to infrastructure

The owner of an electric car may apply for the 'A2-night-time electricity' tariff in its contract with the energy supplier. Municipalities have been able to apply for funding for power station installations since 15 September 2020.

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