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Bulgaria: Employees obligation to undertake training

Phase: Anticipation
Employees obligation to undertake training
Last modified: 14 June, 2019
Native name:

Кодекс на труда

English name:

Labour Code


Article 228 a and b


Employees are obliged to take part in the forms of training organised or financed by their employer for maintaining and improving professional qualifications and skills, and also to make efforts to improve their qualification levels in compliance with the performed work.

The Labour Code settles obligations from both sides - for the employer (228a) and employee (228b) for improving professional qualification and skills. The employer is obliged to organise and finance such training courses, the employee is obliged to participate.


The employee obligation corresponds to the legal requirement that the employer is obliged to provide conditions for maintaining and improving professional qualifications of  employees for the effective performance of their obligations under the employment relationship in accordance with the requirements of the performed work and their future professional development (Labour Code, Article 228 a). In the case of a long absence of the employee, the employer is obliged to provide him/her with conditions for acquaintance with the work and any innovations implemented during the absence and for achieving the necessary qualification level for the effective performance of work obligations.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
National goverment only
No, applicable in all circumstances
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